Casey (thatmadgirl) wrote in itsaboysname,

ah, perfect!

What a neat idea for a community. :)

And just in time, because I've been wanting to rant about a piece of fanon that I think got totally blown out of the water by OoTP:

Snape was NOT in love with Lily.
Thank you, JKR. Can we put this one to rest now? I mean, okay, so I suppose it's feasible that he was just putting on a show of being a total prat to her, but it makes sense to me that he wouldn't like her because she was muggle born.
And how many fics have I read where it is mysteriously revealed that not only was the reason Snape hated James was because he loved Lily, but that he *dated* Lily before James. Highly unlikely.
So, there. So much for that "fanon." :-p

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