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Some fanfiction help... *And a kick in the rear*

Okay, normally I try to stay OUT of the scary place that is Harry Potter fanfiction. However, my muse is the Mistress of Plot Bunnies, and this one is biting me in a painful spot right now.

Basically I started thinking about what Hogwarts does with Muggle-born students when they are accepted. It has to be a little more organized than 'have Hagrid take them to buy supplies' -- after all, Harry was a special case. So, I thought I'd write a well-thought-out fic about a future Muggle-born student (in this case Hermione -- why use an OC when a canon will do?), from the time they get the letter to boarding the train at Platform 9 3/4.

Is this an original idea? Has it been done to death? And more importantly, what do you think happens to such students? Dumbledore would have to have a plan to take several (Of the eight Gryffindor students we know of in Harry's year, Hermione and Dean are both Muggle-born... that implies a half dozen or so students per year) children who probably think magic is solely in fairy stories and convince them (and their parents who have to consent to sending their little darlings to Hogwarts) that magic exists and they have it -- so well that even someone as level-headed as Hermione is willing to buy extra books on magic and start practicing spells before she gets to school.

Also, any help on HP-fic-writing in general (Like where to find a beta reader and such) would help. I'll also have to go back and check if it says any of the other students in Harry's year are Muggle-born -- I skimmed Sorceror's Stone, and should check Chamber of Secrets
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