Irony (ironychan) wrote in itsaboysname,

Just a Rant...

Does anybody else out there find themselves grinding their teeth when a website or something urges you to 'show your support' for pairing X?

Sorry to break it to the fangirls, but 'supporting' your favourite pairing is not like, oh, say, supporting the Humane Society, or supporting women's rights. It won't make anything happen. You can show all the 'support' for Harry/Snape that you like, and they still won't be having sex in the next book. I see this a lot with improbable anime pairings, too... the bizarre idea that if pairing X has more 'supporters' than pairing Y, pairing X has somehow 'won'. Am I the only person who thinks this makes no sense?

Considering how often people who prefer het pairings are accused of homophobia... does anybody know of a case wherein a slash writer claimed that the only reason her 'supported' pairing aren't together in the books is because the author is an evil bigot who is blind to the true love between her own characters?

It's probably happened. -_-

(Sorry, I don't hate slash, I really don't... I just find myself hating a lot of the idiots who write it.)
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